If you're serious about being a full-time influencer / content creator, this course contains all the compliance info that you will ever need.

Follower fraud and reduced budgets due to COVID-19 has meant many big brands have become increasingly cautious over which influencers they work with.

Inside you'll find everything you need to help you clean-up your social media channels and create content that will appeal to even the most risk-averse big brands.

The course is packed with down-to-earth advice and easy strategies to help you identify and correct legal and regulatory errors in your social media channels.

So, if you're serious about succeeding as a full-time influencer, this simple course could be one of the most valuable investments you'll ever make.


Rupa Shah, founder of Hashtag Ad Consulting

Our "How to Attract Big Brands" programme has been created by Hashtag Ad Consulting Founder, Rupa Shah.

Rupa is Founder and Director of Hashtag Ad Consulting, a London firm that provides guidance and training on the advertising rules to social media and influencer marketers.  

Rupa works closely with influencers, their managers, ad agencies, tech platforms and brand owners to embed compliance throughout the marketing process and, ultimately, to help brands and influencer marketers protect their reputation. 

Before she founded Hashtag Ad in 2015, Rupa trained in law and worked at the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for 13 years, where she investigated complaints, gave advice to brands and helped enforce ASA rulings against influencers (through some quite frankly sneaky techniques). 

Rupa has written CAP guidance papers, given countless influencer industry presentations and worked with some amazing brands, including Benefit Cosmetics, but recognises that it's often influencers who suffer the most damage from ASA or CMA rulings.

Rupa is a CAP panel member, was awarded #Influencer50 for the past two years, is a regular judge at the Blogosphere Awards and was recently interviewed by Al Jazeera News on the topic of influencer disclosure and transparency.


Want to know how to make your blog, Instagram, Youtube or TikTok account more appealing to BIG brands? And to feel confident that you're not breaking any rules?

  • How to audit your own accounts and check for the most common errors

  • How to disclose your partnerships and brand deals using ASA-compliant labels

  • How to create terms and conditions for your competitions & giveaways and learn about each platform do's and dont's

  • How to manage your affiliate partnerships and promote them without breaking the rules

  • Case-studies from influencers who got it wrong and simple steps to make sure you don't make the same mistakes!


  • Start the course

    You can access the full course from Monday 8 June

  • Work at your own pace

    You have 2 month's access to the course (don't worry, it won't actually take you that long!). But we know that lockdown-life isn't easy so go at your own pace. For most, it will take about a week, working on it an hour or two a day.



Benefit Cosmetics

What do people say about Rupa's training?

Rupa's knowledge is vast

Lauren Spearman, Made.Com & Benefit Cosmetics

Rupa has been a pleasure to work with over the past 18 months. Rupa's knowledge is vast, with no question too big or small. We worked with Rupa to ensure we were adhering to ASA guidelines, and Rupa will be the first person I go to for a 'can I just check...?' question. :-)

Rupa's extensive knowledge is invaluable to influencers

Valerie Merut, Mason Rose

Rupa’s extensive knowledge of the ASA and CMA rules is invaluable to influencers, brands and agencies alike. Having worked at the ASA for several years, she knows the rules inside out and was able to answer all of our questions and clear out any grey area. Rupa was also instrumental in helping us develop a compliance strategy to ensure all parties involved in our influencer activations fully understand the regulations. Thank you Rupa, it's been such a pleasure working with you!

Rupa provided invaluable support

Georgia Brookes, Freestak

Rupa provided invaluable support in getting our whole team and influencer community up to speed on ASA and CMA regulations. Her expertise on our community meet up panel provided influencers with clear and interesting advice on staying compliant. I am grateful for her work and am sure we will work together again. Her linkedin videos are my favourite way to stay up to date on regulations and rulings.


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